Reflection Blog Post ( Study Skills )

I came to this class because I help understanding math. Slowly, and over time I have grown a relationship with math in this class. This semester we worked on taking notes a little bit. Even though I didn’t come to this class for academic support it is always helpful working on some techniques to help me in the future. And I hope to continue in the future and make improve my math skills.
Keeping a good habit of following all of my learning habits is important. I really think , as a student it makes you happier and a better student. Recently I have been working on my learning habits a lot. After a bit of a disappointing interviews with my previous parent teacher conferences. I think I have made a little bit of an improvement in most of my classes and I think that following these habits give me more time to listen and work in class.
I feel good about this past semester in study skills cause I mean I get things done and it is very helpful, of course it gives me more of an understanding in all my classes. As I said before this class has slowly developed mathematical help, after talking with my teacher ( mr.Creighton ), and as he has talked to other math teachers we have installed a math routine in class. I feel good about this because it helps me and my fellow students with their/my math skills.
An area to focus on is math. Even though there is tons of math help in this class and as I do thank my teachers ( Mr.Creighton and Ms.Khanna ) for helping me through this semester. Obviously this is a study skills class and there are limits but I would have preferred to focus on math more and be placed in math support after talking with Mr. Asher. Nevertheless i had fun in academic support and it did help me .
All in all study skills has helped me with my homework , math and showed me new things such as note taking and different techniques of listening and giving speeches in class. And I got lots of things done. I got a better understanding of fractions and algebra which helped me loads in class

Walking Around Italy

Walking around Italy The Allens walked around italy trying to find a journey.going to Tuscany,Rome, Florence and Venice give the many opportunities to explore and learn.3 weeks of walking gives sore legs. Arriving in Italy and sleeping was a relief for them.straight away leaving Tuscany going to Rome for Christmas. Opening presents Was an exciting disaster. Taking the drive to Florence was a short but a tiring one. After that, they went to the hotel. Without even checking out their room they immediately went to a museum. The museum of contemporary art was amazing. As their eyes dazzled in front of every painting staring at miniature details that seemed impossible to notice or realise to the human eye. Of course restaurants were obligatory for eating scrumptious and yummy food. Missing Florence the Allens finally reached Venice. They had to get a boat to get there. After that, the got to their apartment. Before unpacking or doing anything all of their stomachs rumbled in hunger. So they decided to eat. After, They went to Rome to relax for a week .

The journey was found and some unexpected surprises awaited them in it.

Walking Around Italy.

Cuneiform challenge 

This experience was important for me because it helped me understand how the Sumerians,Babylonians and Persians wrote and how easy or how difficult it was to write just a few lines in cuneiform. And it also helped me understand a little more about the history of writing. So,to conclude I learnt a lot about the history of human writing and the history about the “alphabet”.