Reflection Blog Post ( Study Skills )

I came to this class because I help understanding math. Slowly, and over time I have grown a relationship with math in this class. This semester we worked on taking notes a little bit. Even though I didn’t come to this class for academic support it is always helpful working on some techniques to help me in the future. And I hope to continue in the future and make improve my math skills.
Keeping a good habit of following all of my learning habits is important. I really think , as a student it makes you happier and a better student. Recently I have been working on my learning habits a lot. After a bit of a disappointing interviews with my previous parent teacher conferences. I think I have made a little bit of an improvement in most of my classes and I think that following these habits give me more time to listen and work in class.
I feel good about this past semester in study skills cause I mean I get things done and it is very helpful, of course it gives me more of an understanding in all my classes. As I said before this class has slowly developed mathematical help, after talking with my teacher ( mr.Creighton ), and as he has talked to other math teachers we have installed a math routine in class. I feel good about this because it helps me and my fellow students with their/my math skills.
An area to focus on is math. Even though there is tons of math help in this class and as I do thank my teachers ( Mr.Creighton and Ms.Khanna ) for helping me through this semester. Obviously this is a study skills class and there are limits but I would have preferred to focus on math more and be placed in math support after talking with Mr. Asher. Nevertheless i had fun in academic support and it did help me .
All in all study skills has helped me with my homework , math and showed me new things such as note taking and different techniques of listening and giving speeches in class. And I got lots of things done. I got a better understanding of fractions and algebra which helped me loads in class

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