Walking Around Italy

Walking around Italy The Allens walked around italy trying to find a journey.going to Tuscany,Rome, Florence and Venice give the many opportunities to explore and learn.3 weeks of walking gives sore legs. Arriving in Italy and sleeping was a relief for them.straight away leaving Tuscany going to Rome for Christmas. Opening presents Was an exciting disaster. Taking the drive to Florence was a short but a tiring one. After that, they went to the hotel. Without even checking out their room they immediately went to a museum. The museum of contemporary art was amazing. As their eyes dazzled in front of every painting staring at miniature details that seemed impossible to notice or realise to the human eye. Of course restaurants were obligatory for eating scrumptious and yummy food. Missing Florence the Allens finally reached Venice. They had to get a boat to get there. After that, the got to their apartment. Before unpacking or doing anything all of their stomachs rumbled in hunger. So they decided to eat. After, They went to Rome to relax for a week .

The journey was found and some unexpected surprises awaited them in it.

Walking Around Italy.

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