Delhi Out and About Exploratory – Reflection 

How is this exploratory helping you in understanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed?
At first we researched about Delhi and its seven cities and before I didn’t know anything about the cities. But now since I researched a lot I do. It is really interesting because I know the significance of the cities why they are there and how they are there……….. the city that I was assigned was Shahjanabad which is now known as old Delhi but other than its name not much has changed and we got to see the cities and it’s very beautiful.
(Talk about the research you did for the slideshow on “Delhi and its Seven Cities”, and kahoot. Describe your experience about the two projects mentioned.)
The Kahoot was fun and we got to research a lot about our subjects and put them on a quiz and see other people answer either correctly or incorrectly. It was the same experience for me when we played it was exciting and it was both challenging and easy.
2. Express your views about the field trips taken so far. (Constructive feedback, like how did it help you with your learning).
It helped me because I got to see some parliamentary offices and houses. And I got to see statues of important people and this definitely helps me understand the history of Delhi and the people in it. When the flag in the rashtrapati bhawan it means the president is in India.

3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended.
It was awesome working in pairs to do research. And doing research of Delhi was amazingly fun.


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